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Features at Escarène

Mausoleum of 1st  D.F.L. : At the end of the Second World War, the first DFL (Free French Division) led by General De Gaulle attacked the German positions of massive Authion, about fifteen kilometers from the village. The mausoleum of the first DFL, inaugurated on 23 October 1960 by General DeGaulle, pays tribute to 260 victims of the operation.

The Church, inseparable from the two chapels of Penitents, this church was built in the sixteenth century by Jean-André Guibert and his successors. The simplicity of its architecture with a single nave and apse dish is enhanced by a beautiful stucco.

The Organ Grinda Brothers (18th century), built in 1791 by brothers and Antoine Honoré Grinda, restored in 1855 and again in 1875. Declared a historical monument in 1973. Restored for the third time in 1984 by Yves Cabourdin.

Gallo-Roman font (in The Church).

The "Place de La Gabelle", point of passage on the road salt in the late 18th century, the Napoleonic troops borrowed for the campaign of Italy.

The old village, you walk through its narrow streets.

The "Place Camous" and the "Place Carnot", these places are located on both sides of the church, they serve as parking place of celebration.

The bridge of "Armée des Alpes", inaugurated by Mr. Chaban Delmas in 1980, then President of the National Assembly.

The 5 Fontaines offered a generous donor in 1847.


Tenancy of shelters in L'Escarène