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Local cuisine

Some specialties of the table Niçoise


La Socca


Appetizers - A basis of chickpea flour, water and olive oil.


Le Pan Bagnat

(Pan Bagnat)

Appetizers - Small buns with Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, Small beans, artichokes, tuna oil, anchovy fillets, boiled eggs, Olive Oil, Black Olives, Basil.


Les Raviolis


Chalking - A basis of Swiss chard, cabbages, onions, egg, Parmesan, olive oil and meat (stew).


Fleurs de courgettes farcies

(Flou de cougourdoun farcidi)

Vegetables - Plat consisting of zucchini flowers stuffed with onions, rice, egg, grated cheese, bread with crust, Parsley.


La Tarte de Blettes

(Tourta de bléa)

Dessert - A basis of Blet, Apples, Raisins, Pine nuts, grated cheese, lemon and rum.


and many others :

Condiments / Sauces / Soups :

Salted Olives ;

Olive Oil ;

Tapenade ;

Aïoli (Aïoli)

Pistou (basilic et huile d'Olive) ;;

Soup au Pistou (Soupa au Pistou)...

Hors-d'œuvre :

Anchoïade (Anchoïade) ;

Pissaladière (Pissaladièra) ;

Blood oil ;

Peppers in oil (Pebroun à l'oli)...

Chalking :

Panisses (Panissa)...

Meat :

Tripes (Tripa) ;

Boudin aux herbes (Trulles)...

Vegetables :

Stuffed Niçois (Farçun Nissart) ;

Ratatouille (Ratatouia Nissarda)...

Desserts :

Fougasse (Fougassa) ;

Candied Fruits (Frucha counfichadi) ;

Laces (Gansa)...

Enjoy your meal !!!


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